Moving from one home to another is hard on anyone. It is a time of great stress, when everything seems to be on a short timetable and each item is mission critical. But you don’t have to walk around with stress as part of your life is you are getting ready to move from one home to another.

Whether you have kids who are worried about leaving school friends behind or a mate who is anxious about a new job, you can handle it and be stress free. No, I don’t mean you just hand your home over to one of those we buy homes companies and run away scot free. But you can make it easier on yourself if you simply take a deep breath and follow a few simple tricks.

Stay Focused

One of the most important rules for keeping your cool when selling your home is to remember what motivated you to sell in the first place. Was it a great job offer out of state that got you excited? Was it the opportunity to live nearer to family as the kids grow up?

Whatever the reason, keep it close to your heart as you go through the process of putting your home on the market. Keep this goal in mind when you are finding the stress of showing you home off, and recall the good times this home gave you as well as the goals you have for moving.

Do Your Homework

So many homeowners go into the process of selling their home without first understanding what kind of market is out there. Is it a sellers market or a buyers market? Does your neighborhood have a good track record with sales lately or are home sales slow there?

If you know what you home is really worth, what kind of market is out there looking and what they want, you can be prepared for what comes at your in the sale. Getting surprised, especially if it isn’t a good surprise, can just add more stress to an already stressful situation.

The Internet is Your Best Tool

More and more buyers are going online to look for homes. They search for homes and if you want to be found by them you need to go online as well. Make sure your home is listed clearly, be familiar with how your agent lists you online and make sure it is listed with MLS and the listing clearly states the benefits and has tons of pictures.

Know Your Buyer

There is nothing worse than going down a pathway with a buyer and then finding out they don’t really have the goods to close the deal. Sometimes you can get creative and make it happen, and sometimes you simply find out you were wasting your time. So check out a buyer that looks interested before getting to far along in the deal.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to look into a creative deal that just might work out best for everyone even if it isn’t the traditional way to sell. People can offer you something you never even considered and sometimes it works out great for both parties. But check everything out thoroughly first.

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