As the reality sector is booming once again, investors in countries like India, China, Singapore, Italy, Japan, and even Australia are looking outside the domestic markets to make realty investments. And, Canada is undeniably a stronger market that the North American market where the growth hasn’t been too steady and predictable.

So, for those who are looking forward to investing in Canada, here are 4 fantastic choices. This list has also been compiled on the basis of demand of rental properties in these areas, apart from the capital appreciation, because investors can not only benefit from the appreciation in property rates over the next 5-10 years, but also  from the rental revenues generated from those properties during that tenure too.


Vancouver is the landscape city of Canada. If your interest is in scenic beauty then this is a terrific place. It’s a city with oceans, mountains, and lot of greenery.  Vancouver is considered as the wonder city of Canada. You will be lost in the serene beauty of the city. It is one of the popular destinations for cinemas and shooting.  For an art-loving person, there are world class art galleries and museums.

So, as Vancouver drives a lot of international tourists, it’d be a great idea to invest in a small serviced-apartment, resort, or hotel here.


Halifax is expected to grow down the line and there are several plans that are in works right now. The completion of these works will further improve the real estate markets, and buying a house here isn’t a costly affair at the moment.

Thus, you get the best of both worlds by investing in Halifax – you don’t have to pinch your pockets today, but you still get to enjoy good returns just a few years down the line.


It’s yet another sweet spot for investment, because one can buy good properties in Calgary at affordable prices. However, the demand for houses for rent in Calgary has been constantly on the rise, and you can expect to get good rental returns over the coming years.


Mississauga is one of the best places for realty investments, when you consider the growing population base, talented labour force, community diversity, technology-driven economy, above-average income levels, post-secondary education, regional employment centre, extensive cultural assets, multi-modal logistics infrastructure, and small scale businesses and growth in number of entrepreneurs.

The demand for property rentals is always very high, so you can easily enjoy good returns from rental properties in Mississauga.

So, if you are looking forward to investing in Canadian realty markets, keep an eye on these 4 locations, and invest smartly to reap great returns over the coming years.

Think Before You Invest!

Even if you’ve got good amount of money to invest in, make sure that you invest in multiple properties instead of investing it in a single high-end condo so as to minimize the risk factor, and maximize the returns in the longer run. And, it’s needless to say that you must not exceed your budget at any cost, otherwise you’d have other aftermaths of poor planning. So, always think twice before investing, and then make a well-informed decision.

Author Bio – Kenneth Joshua is an experienced realtor who has invested heavily into rental properties in Canadian markets, and he perfectly understands what it takes to enjoy great rental returns and capital appreciation from realty investments in cities like Mississauga.

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