Becoming a textile designer in this day and age is a great idea for people who want to express themselves and make money while doing so. Clothing is a basic necessity for everyone. The fashion industry is worth billions of dollars, simply because people want to buy clothes that allow them to express themselves. Designers and models generate millions in revenue from sales to customers all over the globe. Therefore, it’s easy to see that there’s lots of money to be made in the textile industry. As a textile designer, you will have two choices; either create your own brand or work for an established fashion designer. If you are good at your job and have an eye for creating unique designs, it won’t be long before you start rising up the ranks.

However, as a designer, you will quickly have to become an expert on the different types of fabric patterns that are being implemented today. Thankfully, there’s lot of information about patterns online, so a simple search will give you a basic idea about the hundreds of different fabric designs that you can choose from. Here are some of the basic designs that every textile designer should know about.

Abstract Design

Perhaps the most freeform method of creating fabric patterns is the abstract design. In the fashion world, any design that doesn’t adhere to conventional norms or doesn’t comply with the description of any other type of design is regarded as an abstract design. These are basically just a collection of unrecognised layouts and forms that are connected together to create one large design. Basically, if you can’t describe a design with any other method, you can simply call it an “abstract” design. These are arguably the most popular, since they allow designers to showcase their skills in the best possible manner.

Block Repeat

A very common fabric pattern used nowadays is block repeat. Basically, it’s the same image that’s printed in different blocks in a particular grid. It’s made by stacking and repeating the same design over and over again. Block repeat images are usually printed by using professional machines, and such prints are generally quite cheap.

Diamond Repeat

One of the variations in the “repeat” designing process is the diamond repeat. It’s also used quite popularly in surface design. Basically, an image is repeated several times using block and half-brick repeat prints in order to create a diamond shape. The whole process is repeated over and over again, leaving behind a beautiful design.

Plaid/Check Repeat

Basically, this is a very simple variation to conventional striped and gingham patterns. These patterns are mainly used in tandem with others and they are most commonly found in men’s casual shirts. Plaid shirts are quite popular, as they are easy on the eye and the colours tend to be quite simple. There are numerous other designs as well, such as combination repeats or splash patterns. In an effort to further express your artistic prowess on a piece of cloth, you should try putting some of these different design ideas into effect.

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