We retreat to our homes to decompress and re-energize. It is our place of peace and relaxation…most of the time. With or without kids, we can create a paradise to be enjoyed alone, with a significant other or with the entire family. Instead of having to take a vacation to have a slice of paradise, we can create our own oasis in our backyards. Here we will explore a couple of ideas to create the prefect retreat for releasing all the built-up stress.


The most important aspect of any backyard oasis is the ambiance. This takes into consideration the colors selected, the vegetation planted, and the lighting. Starting with the colors, it is recommended to have soft colors, such as pastels, to create a relaxing environment. Studies have shown that soft pinks and greens promote the release of calming hormones in our brains. This is why we see a lot of pastels and off-white colors at beach houses. Plus, staying away from strong and bright colors will avoid having a lot of sun reflection. Think of cool and soft colors when selecting the outdoor paint.

When thinking about what to plant around the backyard, try to stay with one theme. Having a large variety of plants can cause our brains to get confused. Plus, depending on your region’s climate, some plants might not survive your area. For regions that can tolerate tropical plants, palm and ti plants are wonderful options. Make sure that these plants get plenty of mulch and water as they are used to humid regions. Planting citronella plants can serve as shrubs with the added benefit of a natural mosquito repellant. Places like Houston might be too dry for tropical plants, so instead look for drought resistant plants like aloes or cacti. This will also help when selling your home, as many buyers are cautious of water consuming yards. If you plan on selling your home, then make sure to use real estate photography in Houston.

Lastly, the lighting needs to also allow for illumination plus relaxation. Outdoor lighting can be difficult in large yards, but there are ways of creating a lighted space without needing flood lights. Using LED string lights is an excellent option as they consume very little energy and can be wrapped around trees or shrubs. A fire pit can also serve as a light source and central gathering location. Outdoor candles can also be placed to give natural lighting and repel mosquitos in regions with high mosquito presence. Try to avoid any white fluorescent lighting, as they are proven to cause headaches and stress.


Selecting your furniture must be done with comfort in mind. Many times we purchase lawn or pool side furniture with durability in mind, but the furniture is not as comfortable as the old couch in the basement. If possible, moving some indoor furniture outside can be absolutely magical. Make sure to have some protection for the furniture as the weather will completely destroy that comfortable couch. Building a structure that can support a hammock and cover your furniture would be ideal for this example. Otherwise, when selecting outdoor furniture make sure a grown person can easily lay down on it. This will be important when someone has had a bit too much to drink and needs a power naps in your oasis.

Having a backyard oasis will give you many well-deserved days and nights of relaxation. This is a project that can be both fun and rewarding.

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