Summers are on the way and the time has come when those who don’t have air conditioners are willing to go and buy one for them due to presumed excessive hot climatic conditions. This is the time when people are making choices between Inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC. There are a lot of differences between both of them. The Non-Inverter AC’s have fixed speed compressor which is not able to increase or decrease their speed and can only work in one capacity. This is the time when Inverter AC’s are more in demand due to their increasing popularity. If you are looking forward to buying a new Inverter AC for yourself, then here is a guide for you. Follow this guide for buying the best inverter AC in India that suits your requirements.

  • The Inverter which is placed inside an air conditioner helps it in regulating the speed of the condenser. This is something that is missing in the Non-Inverter ACs’ and it makes inverter air conditioners a better choice. Also, to be noted that the inverter which is fitted inside the air conditioner is not related to the power back-up inverter.
  • One of the best features of inverter AC’s is that they come with the dust filters which are anti-bacterial. They simply block the small dust and dirt particles and any other unwanted material from coming out from the unit. They are very healthy for your health and environment. These dust particles can cause allergies and diseases so they can be avoided by inverter ACs’. The people who live in highly polluted environments with dust and traffic are highly recommended to use inverter ACs’.
  • Another amazing feature of an inverter AC is that comes with a Dehumidifier which removes the excess moisture from the air. For those areas which have very high moisture content or humidity, people are more prone to allergies and sickness. These ACs’ are one of the best solutions for avoiding all that hustle and enjoy a humidity-free environment.
  • Most of the inverter ACs’ comes with this amazing feature of Auto Restart. They are basically equipped with a small memory chip which keeps records and data of preferred temperature and humidity levels. In case of temperature change, the chip functions and your air conditioner will go back to the original setting. This is a very helpful feature for those who feel lazy for changing the temperature of their air conditioners according to the need.
  • There is a sleep mode option given in inverter ACs’ which is preferred at night in order to keep a uniformly cool temperature throughout the night. It is very difficult to keep changing the temperature throughout the night as it will cause disturbance to your sleeping so this feature is very helpful.
  • The inverter ACs’ comes with the inverter technology due to which the compressor is always on but the power which is used to run the system is drawn according to the room temperature. This technology has different speed motors which change according to the need and requirement. This feature helps a lot in saving electricity and hence lowers the electricity bills.
  • There are many different websites which provide different lists of comparisons to help you choose between different air conditioners. You can take reference from these websites to find the right inverter air conditioner for your house or workplace. There are many websites like,, which can be helpful for you while buying a new air conditioner. The most important thing to remember is that the air conditioner you buy should be efficient and right for your requirement.
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