All of us want the gorgeous and unique looks that marble bring out in our homes, but most of us don’t want to deal with all the staining and maintenance that comes with these marvellous creations of nature. Don’t worry because there are new and revolutionary alternatives to marble that would give your home the same look and feel as the natural stone, with superior performance and resistance backed by great Companies with proven record in the marketplace.

These alternatives, are relatively recently known as Dekton and Neolith. They will never stain or scratch and they are heat and freeze resistant as well!

There are many types of Neolith surfaces that you can choose from, including Neolith Estatuario, Neolith Calacatta, Neolith Carrara etc. Dekton is also available in a lot of varieties and finishes, including the popular Dekton Entzo, Dekton Aura 15, Dekton Glacier Xgloss etc. Each of these ultra-compact products has their own special designs and incredible properties, and they can be used for making any kind of surfaces from floors to walls to garden bench tops to countertops!

As an example, the bathroom is one of the areas in your home, which you generally may consider to decorate with marble and tiles. To provide your bathroom the same, if not even a better and fresher look, you can use Dekton and Neolith instead of using natural marbles and standard tiles. Both Neolith and Dekton are available in many different tile sizes and thicknesses as well as in slab formats which can be cut to size by an approved fabricator of these products.

Here are a few ways in which you can give your bathroom a brand new fresh look:

Choose the Type of Surface:

With both Neolith and Dekton being exceptionally sturdy and beautiful decoration materials, they do have their own perks and benefits.

Dekton is similar to Neolith in terms of both looks and durability, but it is a little more readily available since the manufacturers have 5 distribution centres and a showroom in the UK where clients and onlookers can visit to get advice and samples. Dekton’s speciality is that it is UV resistant. Therefore, it won’t fade because of heat or when used in gardens, balconies and patios under prolonged exposure to UV rays. Neither will Neolith. Both are non-porous and so their maintenance is very easy by using soapy water and a kitchen cloth. They will never require sealing.

The above image shows a vanity top and wall cladding in Dekton Aura in a Smooth Mate finish

Neolith is 100% eco-friendly, heat and frost resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean as well. Many colours, finishes and textures are available; the marble effects colours look incredibly good. The maintenance of Neolith is easy as well and it is much brighter and shinier when compared to Dekton. Having said this, the Xgloss range from Dekton is the shiniest material that comes with high sheen on colours such as Dekton Tundra, Dekton Fiord, Dekton Glacier and other products within this range that have a distinctive glassy look.

Both Neolith and Dekton are excellent choices and nearly similar in prices too. So you can choose the product that fits the exact look you want to achieve for your bathroom, kitchen or barbeque worktop.

The above image shows a vanity top, flooring and wall cladding in Neolith Estatuario in a Silk finish

Choose Colour:

As mentioned above, both Neolith and Dekton are available in various colours, textures and finishes but for the purpose of popularity, timeless looks and elegance, the colours that resembles natural marble such as Dekton Aura, Neolith Estatuario and Dekton Entzo are the ones that are the most used, since by using these kind of materials your bathroom would show a new level of taste and style.

It is recommendable to pick either surfaces that match the paint colour in your bathroom or to go with a contrast colour such as black on white. If you plan to cover the entire bathroom with Neolith or Dekton then make sure that the colour of your picks is same or contrasting, both in terms of tone and shade.

Design Choices:

There are many choices you can make when it comes to design. You can use these marble alternatives to make vanity tops and shelves for your shower and toiletries. You can use them for making floors with extra large tiles or book-matched wall cladding. Mirror boundaries can also be made using these surfaces. Just make sure that wherever you decide to display these surfaces; they should complement the rest of the ambiance of the bathroom or any other area in which they are installed.

Neolith and Dekton are the perfect picks to redefine the aura of your bathroom in a fresh and fashionable way. Follow the above steps and give your bathroom a great uplift.

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