Working from home or office, both have their pros as well as cons. You need to spend a considerable amount of your profitable income in buying an office space. This can create an extra pressure on you every month. Thus, many people prefer to set up the office spaces in their houses.

However, there are several issues when you work from your residence. You have to constantly deal with household stuff, which could be quite disturbing.


Here are some of the pros and cons of setting up office at home.


  • If your office is set up at your residence, then you will get rid of dirty subways and traffic jams. You can start your day with a cup of coffee or tea in a cleaner environment.
  • The next best thing is that you are free from the extra expenditures such as additional furniture, electricity, heater, phone, transportation, internet, etc.
  • You can serve your employees tea or coffee using your own kitchen at home. Thus, burden of catering cost is also reduced to a great extent.


  • Lower productivity – Earlier, many big and medium sized companies often encouraged their employees to function from their residences. However, gradually it was noticed that productivity was decreasing drastically, which impacted the everyday operation.
  • Feeling lethargic – People usually feel lethargic and refrain from work while at home. Employees lose their concentration and feel lazy while sitting on their beds or couch with the laptops.
  • Difficult situation for working mothers: It is tough for working mothers to stay at home and continue with their office works. Many working mothers get busy with their household chores and pampering children, which can affect their professional responsibilities.


It is seen that working from home can provide you comfort and complete relaxation. However, setting up an office away from your residence is much profitable in terms of productivity for your business. Therefore, it would be best in the interest of your business to rent or buy an office space. If you are looking for a Boston office space or anywhere else, you can easily find the listings online.

Things to bear in mind while buying or leasing workplace

Setting up a business in a co-working workplace has several benefits. The monthly rent is shared, and you could also enjoy common facilities such as mail, concierge, internet support, phone, conference rooms and office supplies. However, one must bear in your mind that hiring such co-working spaces is certainly not suitable for big companies or organizations, especially the ones that are growing rapidly. As time passes, it becomes tough for the owner of the company to accommodate increasing number of employees. Thus, they should look for their own premises.

Individual workplaces are quite expensive, and it may be tough for many to bear the overall cost. It would work out well only if you were to run an organization on a large scale and incur huge profits. If you are looking forward to hire conventional place of work, you can contact any of the reputed estate brokers in your locality. Provide them with your requirements such as area, number of employees, budget and location. Based on what details you’ve given, they will provide you with the best possible place.

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