Are you ready to launch a new life in a new part of the country? Moving to another state may seem intimidating. In many ways, it’s not so different from moving across town. However, the distances involved mean you’ll likely have to have everything ready beforehand, with no last-minute trips back for something you forgot. You should call your local New York moving company to help make your move seamless and stresss-free!

When should you start preparing? As soon as possible! You should start weeks or even months in advance.

Make a Packing List

The less you bring, the less stress you’ll have on moving day. Look through your house and pick out items in good condition that you love. It may be a good idea to just buy replacements of big, heavy pieces of furniture.

Overwhelmed? Tackle this a little at a time. Making a list of packing priorities will pay off in the long run. It may even literally ‘pay off’ if you have a yard sale of clutter, clothes, and excess furniture!

Book your New York Moving Company Ahead of Time

Start reaching out to moving companies as early as possible to secure your spot. Long weekends and holidays are popular times, so you may need to call around to find a moving company with an open slot.

Pare Down Your Pantry

Stop buying groceries a few weeks ahead of time. Try to eat up and perishable food. This is also a great opportunity to dust off those cookbooks and experiment with new dishes using the ingredients you have left.

While you’re at it, look at the rest of your pantry. Do you really want to transport all those canned products? A local soup kitchen or food drive would love that donation, and it will make less work for you.

Collect Containers

Some moving companies offer a service where they pack up your house under your direction. They typically bring their own boxes and crates, but be sure to ask when you’re booking the service.

If you’re boxing up your home on your own, you’ll need plenty of containers. Liquor stores and food markets may give you their old cardboard boxes if you ask. You can also buy boxes in a variety of sizes. However, some homeowners prefer large plastic storage bins. These are more expensive, but they’re also sturdy, easy to see in, and can be reused for storage needs in your new place.

When the Big Day Arrives …

Take a deep breath! Your New York moving company will be on hand to help you. If you chose the right agency, your moving experience will be a breeze and you’ll be unpacked and ready to live in your new home in no time.

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