For many years, exterior roller shutters were only found on commercial premises, as they offered a high level of protection, yet modern designs are more than suitable for residential properties, and with bespoke creations, the shutters can add significant appeal to the appearance, as well as providing shading and, of course, security. If you have never considered such a home improvement, here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with customised roller shutters.

  • Top Notch Security – With a majority of break ins occurring through a window, installing aluminium roller shutters are the most effective way to prevent forced entry. Even the hardened burglar would walk away from a property that is protected with roller shutters, and with automatic locking, you can never forget to secure the home. If you are looking for affordable window roller shutters in Melbourne, for example, there is a local company that specialises in designing and installing tailored screening solutions for the homeowner.
  • Storm Protection – If you happen to live in the Melbourne area, you will be all too familiar with storms, and flying debris can easily break a window, but with bespoke window roller shutters, every glazed area is fully protected. It can be a terrible feeling when you and your family are on holiday and you hear that a storm is approaching home, yet if you install roller shutters, you can relax, knowing that nothing will penetrate.
  • Add Aesthetic Appeal – The range of stylish colours allows for a major transformation, and with a nice contrast between the walls and the shutters, you can really make your home the talk of the neighbourhood. If you find the right contractor, they will spend time with you at the design stage, making sure you are aware of all the options, allowing you to make an informed decision.
  • Thermal Insulation – When the shutters are closed, this acts as a thermal barrier, and in the summer, you’re a/c will not have to work quite so hard, and in the cooler months, your valuable heat will not leave the home so easily.
  • Eliminate Exterior Noise – Wherever you live, there is exterior noise, and after a while, we tend to get used to it, and many homeowners who have just had the roller shutters installed, report a big reduction is outside noise. If you work shifts, then roller shutters are the ideal solution, as you can sleep peacefully at any time of day or night.
  • Furniture Protection – Roller shutters can dramatically reduce the amount of strong sunlight that can fade your carpets and curtains, and with motorised solutions, you can raise or lower the shutters to a precise position.

Wherever you happen to live in Australia, roller shutters are so popular that there will be a contractor in your area, and all it takes to source a supplier is an online search.

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