Ceiling fans are the best choice when you need a slight temperature decrease in the summers. Even if you use air conditioners, ceiling fans can help in giving more cooling effect by lowering the thermostat temperature. Ceiling fans rightly used in conjunction with the ACs will provide much better cooling to you. You just need to install the ceiling fans in strategic positions. Most of the ceiling fans some with the settings to be changed in the summers and the winters respectively. These settings dictate the direction of the movement of the blades of the fan.

Do you know that a ceiling fan can make you feel at a temperature that is 4-5 Fahrenheit lower than the actual room temperature? If you think that a ceiling fan cools your home then you are wrong. A ceiling fan provides its cooling effect to the people and doesn’t cause any change in the temperature of the room as such. You must be wondering how it happens that you feel cooler but there is no effect on the temperature around you. There is a simple logic behind this. The air around you moves due to the action of the fan. This circulating air touches the surface of your body and removes the heat from the region of the body known as the boundary layer. This stripping of the warm air from around the body makes us feel cooler to the extent of almost a temperature 4 degree Fahrenheit lower.

People tend to buy the ceiling fans with lights installed on them. These fans give an antique look to the room. They are also quite bulky and heavy and require proper maintenance and cleaning so as to preserve their look and antiquity for long. You’ll find a wide range of collection of these fans with lights on the websites like croma.com, atomberg.com, pepperfry.com, etc. Explore them and buy a fan that suits your home interiors.

Need for anti dust fans

It is generally observed that the consumers find it quite difficult to clean their fans on a regular basis, especially the ceiling fans. The fans accumulate a lot of dust over time. Also, if you resort to frequent cleaning, the fans become more prone to corrosion, breaking and bending of the blades, and other kinds of deterioration processes. Anti dust fans are designed to overcome all these problems.

Anti dust fans attract almost 50% less dust in comparison to that of the normal fans.

Technology used in the anti dust fans

The anti dust fans use paints based on the nanotechnology. This paint has some oleophobic, i.e. one which has no affinity for oils and hydrophobic properties. This property of the paint which is coated on these fans minimizes the accumulation of the dust on the fan and the blades of the fan, especially on the outer edges.

These fans are available at reasonable rates on the popular websites like the atomberg.com, croma.com, etc. You can visit these websites and choose the one that you like the most.

We all know that innovation gives rise to invention. Here also the hassles of cleaning the ceiling fans with the blades frequently have lead the technologists to invent a new technology of anti dust fans.

If you too are troubled by the regular cleaning session that you need to undertake for the fans, then you can buy the anti dust fans. Crompton and various other brands have launched their series of anti dust fans. Buy ceiling fan at great prices on atomberg.com.

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