When you shift to a new city, finding a suitable house is the first important task. Searching for a house, for example 1 bhk flat in Pune or any other cities, is no more a difficult task these days. You have so many websites and classified ads in newspapers to search a house of your choice. Seeking a house on your own can give you many benefits. As you visit the localities and colonies, you go on exploring the city and get to know about facilities such as schools, shops, hospitals available nearby. The other benefit is you save on the brokerage amount you otherwise need to pay to the property broker. With this saved money, you can buy something additional for your new house.

The important and unavoidable part of the house searching process is to invest sufficient time and travel to the areas. If you are working and have got only a week or so for the entire shifting process, then it becomes difficult task. In such situations, you can contact a property broker in the city and ask him to find a house for you.

Benefits of hiring broker –

A broker will first gather your requirements and then suggest an appropriateflat for your family.  A broker has a detailed knowledge about the localities and their prices. Moreover he has a ready database of properties available for sale and all other details like price, when it was built, amenities provided by the owner etc. You need not start from scratch and invest your own time and energy in the process.

After discussing your requirements and budget with the broker, your job is to shortlist from the available properties and visit them for inspection. The middle man will arrange for the keys of the flat in case it is locked. Half of your work gets done when you actually visit the house and check if it is as per your needs.

Beware while hiring property broker

  1. There are cases where brokers have cheated people new to the city in some or the other way
  2. Check the authenticity of the broker you are going to visit. If possible take help from your office colleagues to find a reliable property broker in the city.
  3. Mention the person as reference while talking to broker for the first time.
  4. Try to gather information online. Today we have every resource on internet where we can trace a person or company for their identity.
  5. In case above options are not available for verifying the broker’s validity, then you can ask for contacts or phone numbers of his previous clients. You can talk to them and then meet the broker.
  6. During your first visit or meeting with the broker, do not show that you are too busy or helpless in this new city. He might take undue advantage of your situation. Don’t forget to mention about your friends in the city.
  7. Ask the broker about documents he requires such as filling form, showing a transfer document etc. If a broker does not ask you about any of your identity verification then you must be cautious and go to another professional property broker.
  8. Ash him the processhe follows for finding houses and charges that he will levy upon a successful deal
  9. Remember that charges differ from one locality to other and few of the busiest brokers might also charge you for a property visit. You have to pay the amount even if you do not buy the property. Be crystal clear about the money involved in the process.
  10. Remember that the final decision is going to be yours. Don’t decide to buy the property unless you are fully satisfied about all legalities of the flat
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