House hunting can be daunting however many times you may have done it. A number of factors can influence your final choice and if looking in Crawley for example, estate agents can assist greatly in finding your ideal home as their local knowledge will be of benefit. Here are some things to consider:

What is important to you?

We all have a wish list of what we like to find in a new house. A list gives your estate agents in Crawley a chance to see what you may be looking for; good outside space, en suite bathroom, off road parking or space to extend your property in the future. Include a list of deal breakers too as this will rule out unsuitable properties from the start.


You have heard it mentioned many times but location really is key. Want to be near town, your place of work or somewhere more rural? Does it matter if there is road noise or even a school nearby? Factor these in. You can change a house but not its location.

Right price

Naturally you want the best deal available and you should compare similar properties in the neighbourhood you want to buy in. This gives an indication of how high or low to pitch an offer to a vendor.

Local amenities

Is it important for you to be close to local amenities such as schools, local hospital or shopping areas? Maybe you want these within walking distance so is your potential property nearby?

Good transport links

If transport links are important, check out how close you are. How easy is it to get to buses, trains into London or even your local airport such as Gatwick?

Fixer upper?

Do you want a ‘fixer-upper’ or a house more or less the finished article? You can knock down the price of a property which needs more work, if you can tackle a project.

Finance and surveys

Make sure your finance is in place and factor in legal costs. Include fees for a survey of your proposed house.

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