At the time of construction, one of the confusing tasks is deciding upon the furniture. With new styles and new technologies, the option for doors as well as windows do not just limit to wood. You can now opt for windows and doors that are made from aluminium or uPVC. uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and the growing popularity of uPVC windows and doors is causing great profits to the uPVC window suppliers. The reason why PVC windows manufacturer is becoming more popular is because they have a lot of merits as compared to the demerits and the options are trendier and more stylish.

Here are some of the pros and the cons for using uPVC windows and doors in the houses:


  1. Sturdy and Durable– The uPVC material is very sturdy as well as durable as compared to wood. If this material is used to build the doors as well as windows, then they are surely going to last long and you will not have to worry about replacing them after some time. As uPVC is durable, the doors and windows are not going to lose any shape with time and undergo less wear and tear.
  2. Less and Easy Maintenance– uPVC doors as well as windows undergo very little damage and are not prone to corroding, fading, rusting or flaking. They are not only rigid, but also weather proof and thus require little maintenance. A simple cleaning of the doors and windows with little oiling in the locks of the doors from time to time will surely keep them in good condition.
  3. Environment-Friendly and Good Insulator– uPVC doors as well as windows provide good insulation. During winter, they are able to trap the warmth inside the house and vice versa during the summer and thus help to maintain a comfortable temperature within the house. They are also able to cut down the noise from outside so that the inner ambience of the house is peaceful and comfortable. It is also environment-friendly as it helps in temperature regulation and you will have to consume less power. Since it does not use wood, it helps in saving the trees also.
  4. Provides Security and Resistance from Hazards– As compared to the wooden doors and windows, uPVC doors and windows provide much better security. The galvanized steel in them make them hard to break down. In addition to this, they are able to withstand pollution and flames.
  5. Price– The price of uPVC doors and windows is much cheaper as compared to those of woods.


  1. Low Resistance to Heat- If the uPVC windows are subjected to high temperature, then they are going to sag after some time and the frames may get ruptured.
  2. Customization– uPVC doors and windows come in less styles and designs as compared to the wooden doors and windows.
  3. Not Suited for Traditional Look– If you wish to give a traditional look to your house, then the uPVC doors and windows might look really odd and out of place.


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